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labelBridge: IDMP Submission Management & Authoring

labelBridge: The easy to use, cost-effective and flexible
Structured Product Labeling solution

labelBridge 2.0 is Newbook's comprehensive SPL document authoring and management solution.

labelBridge supports SPL R5 Drug Listings, as well as providing for the data entry and maintenance of SPL-based GDUFA Self Identification forms, Establishment Registration forms and NDC Labeler Code Request forms.

Our acclaimed customer and technical support teams help organizations of all sizes get on board with the FDA's SPL compliance and submission requirements.

User friendly and powerful, labelBridge can help compliance teams from 1 to 100 users, where the workforce is local or distributed around the world, get their SPL documents completed and submission-ready as fast as possible.

In this regard, labelBridge embodies the same superior design and performance that users have come to expect from Newbook Production.

Please contact us for a labelBridge demonstration.

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