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PTC Arbortext IsoDraw: Features and Specifications

Designed by Illustrators for Technical Illustration

Arbortext IsoDraw Foundation – designed specifically for technical illustrators – provides all the capabilities you need to create and deliver high-quality perspective illustrations either from scratch, by photo-tracing, or by using existing graphics.

Arbortext IsoDraw supports the following features:

  • Specialized Tools for Drawing in Perspective
  • Callout Tools
  • Preparation for Electronic Delivery - Hotspots
  • Advanced Tools: Shaft Tool and Extrusion
  • Macro Language
  • Built-in Raster editor
  • Comprehensive Standard Parts Library
  • Create 2D Animations
  • Export filters for all Major Graphic Formats

Arbortext IsoDraw CADprocess - offers expanded capabilities over Arbortext IsoDraw Foundation for developing and associating 2D and 3D illustrations and animations, using original CAD data. Arbortext IsoDraw CADprocess supports the following expanded capabilities:

  • 3D CAD Data Import
  • Automate the Creation of 2D and 3D Illustrations from CAD Data
  • Manipulate 3D Data
  • Create 3D Animations
  • Associative Illustrations - Illustration Updates Automatically
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