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PTC Arbortext Styler: Features and Specifications

Create Innovative Stylesheets for Automated Publishing

Arbortext Styler enables you to create stylesheets to automatically deliver predictable, high-quality product information in multiple languages and media output. Arbortext Styler supports the following features:

  • Rapid Stylesheet Creation
  • Multichannel Support
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Standards Support
  • Automatically Generated Content
  • Modular
  • Extensible

Rapid Stylesheet Creation - Simplify the initial setup using style wizards, an intuitive UI and multiple levels of undo and redo. Use property sets to track and group formatting properites into resusable components. Add comments to stylesheet components.

Multichannel Support - Support for multiple output types, such as print, PDF, Web, Microsoft Word and HTML Help, from a single stylesheet.

Conditional Formatting - Set up conditional styling based on element context, attribute values and content tests.

Standards Support - Import of existing FOSI and export of multiple stylesheet formats, including XSL-HTML, XSL, XSL-FO, and FOSI, and Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher templates.

Automatically Generated Content - Format tables of contents, indexes and other generated text automatically,

Modular - Supports modular stylesheets and property sets for reuse.

Extensible - Modify the style code directly for specialized applications using an extensive mechanism.

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