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PTC Arbortext Editor Features and Specifications

Improve Timeliness, Accuracy and Consistency

Arbortext Editor provides the capability to author reusable, structured content components, so you can improve the timeliness, accuracy and consistency of your information and reduce production costs.

Arbortext Editor supports:

  • Structured Authoring with Real-Time Validation
  • Interactive and Illustrative Content
  • Dynamic Content
  • Integration with Content Management Applications
  • Global Collaboration
  • Standards Support
  • DITA 1.2 Specification
  • Customization and Configuration

Structured Authoring with Real-Time Validation - Arbortext Editor uses a familiar, intuitive user interface with common word-processing capabilities, such as change tracking, drag-and-drop, and keyboard macros. Improved copy/paste from MS Word®, Adobe FrameMaker®, HTML and RTF.

Interactive and Illustrative Content - Arbortext Editor enables you to incorporate intelligent graphics into your documentation. Easily link to different views, and hotspot links within an inteligent graphic. Additionally, you can embed animations and illustrations to support Web, interactive and page-based documents.

Dynamic Content - Arbortext Editor enables authors to produce customized publications using conditional text processing for specific audiences from a single-source master document. Embed data directly from databases, business systems and other data sources automatically.

Integration with Content Management Applications - Manage and track content components with Windchill or Arbortext Content Manager for dynamic assembly during the publishing process. Supports other leading Content Management Systems.

Global Collaboration - Arbortext Editor provides over 25 languages in content, character sets and spelling dictionaries.

Standards Support - Supports XML, SGML, XSL (XSL-FO and XSLT), XML Schema,
XPath, XInclude, DOM and other next-generation Web standards for sharing content, data and applications. Supports HTML, CALS, OASIS, and the Aerospace and Defense S1000D specification.

DITA 1.2 Specification - Conversion capabilities for legacy content, fast, simple authoring of maps and topics. Conditional processing to produce documents that meet the needs of individual readers. Reuse of content across multiple documents, integrated functionality for content management and Arbortext Editor supports the DITA Service Manual Application.

Customization and Configuration - Create and configure the user-interface through XML configuration files and embedded ActiveX controls. Access more than 95% of Arbortext Editor’s capabilities using its APIs

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